Tackling Overwhelm Guide


Tackling Overwhelm – The Ultimate Guide to Managing Difficult Emotions

Stop reacting to your life and start acting in your life – with purpose, based on your personal values. Live the life you want.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious, or annoyed? Ready to learn the skills in order to manage your emotions, your behaviors, and your thoughts better? This guide is here to help.

Tackling Overwhelm is a 22-page guide that teaches you the skills you need to regain control.

What’s inside:

1. Background Information on Emotional Management & Coping

  • Everything you need to know in order to use this guide successfully and apply the techniques

2. Tips on how to use the guide most effectively

  • This is not the kind of guide that gives you all the information, but you’re lost on how to apply it. NOPE! I break down the ways to make the best use of this guide and to ensure you don’t get in your own way in creating that change you’re looking for! I have been working 1:1 with my clients for over 7 years – I ensure you don’t fall into the typical traps.

3. Coping Skills Categories

  • I break down and fully explain what coping skills categories are, their pros and cons, and when to use which categories

4. List of 90+ Coping Skills

5. Coping Skills broken down into their Coping Categories

  • I did all the work for you – I took it to that next step and listed out which coping skills correspond to which coping categories so all you have to do is apply it to your day-to-day! Easy.

6. Two Freebies

  • Like I said, I made sure this guide was applicable. These freebies make it that much easier to apply the skills to your life, to make the change happen – right now.

7. Two Special Offers

  • One discount on 1:1 coaching services with me in order to apply this guide and personalize it for you & one chance to get this guide for FREE! Yep, included inside.


PLEASE NOTE: This guide is a digital PDF download. You will gain access to the guide once payment is complete. The guide can only be downloaded once, so be sure to open/download it to the device you wish to save it on.